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Feb 14, 2019 -- Patched some things for an updated Demo, taking some of NeoSoulGamer's criticisms into account. The patched version will be available shortly!

Patches include:
Bonfires that heal the player
Slight map adjustments
More game direction
More developed dialogue


Nevaro is an immersive exploration based RPG made on RMXP. With an interesting cast of characters and creatures, this portion of the story will leave you wanting more! Hopefully.. I think..

Follow the lost knight, Nevaro, as he struggles to regain his power over the troubled land of Yremval, in order to free his enslaved nation from the captivity of the machines.

This is the early access "Demo".
I call it a Demo in quotes because it's basically the first completed quarter of the game. If I wanted to release the game in chapters, I could very well release this demo as its own "first chapter of four" within the whole series, as I believe it does well to stand alone as its own fulfilling adventure.

Things to keep in mind:
-This is an early access version of the game that consists of only about 1/5th of the world. There are many questions asked and a lot of them get answered later in the game. If you find yourself asking "who is this and what is he doing" regarding the characters, that was the plan.
-Progression in this game is not done through a leveling system. You explore to find new weapons and gear, either by defeating powerful monsters which hold them, or putting yourself through some sort of dungeon. This rewards the player for exploring rather than focusing on grinding mob battles. Even the smaller mobs will drop helpful items here and there.

You should play this game if you like:
-Colorful worlds to explore
-Interesting characters
-Independence left to the player
-Classical top-down exploration RPGs

Install instructions

Having trouble running the game?

It may be be because you require the RTP (Run-Time Package) necessary to run games made on RPG Maker XP.
To acquire this RTP for free, follow this link:
Select the tab that says "RPG Maker XP" and download the RTP.
Afterwards, the game should run as intended.

--To go into full screen while playing, press "Alt+Enter"--


Nevaro Patched.zip 244 MB

Development log


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Interesting story and good music. The world felt immersive. How long will it take to the game to be completed?

Taking a break until I get some footing. I'm hoping to revisit this in the future, but I'm unsure if I will past this point.

Youtubers encouraged to play and review the game. Be sure to send me a link so I can see what you think :>